Oct 26, 2014

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The Problem of K-2

What’s worse than marijuana? “Fake” marijuana!

There had been a recent outbreak of emergency room visits by people who have overdosed on synthetic cannabinoids, popularly called synthetic marijuana and known on the streets as K-2 or Spice. About a hundred people in Austin and Dallas were admitted over 5 days for this reason earlier in the year, and many of them were teens. These “drugs” are usually dried leaves sprayed with a cocktail of chemicals that simulate the effects of marijuana. Unlike the natural cannabis, however, overdosing is easily accomplished with K-2.

Texas first encountered the drug in 2011 when three healthy 16-year-old males were admitted for chest pains that later turned out to be heart attacks. They had been smoking K-2 prior to the event. Texas, following the example of the Drug Enforcement Agency, promptly passed statutes to outlaw the identified chemical substances that created the effects of marijuana placing the following as Schedule I controlled substances: cannabicyclohexanol, JWH -018, CP-47,497, JWH-200, and JWH-073. Schedule I drugs are among the most restrictive of controlled substances. Anyone found in possession of these substances are subject to criminal prosecution.

However, manufacturers of synthetic marijuana simple repackage or reformulate their product so that it skirts the legal statutes. It is often labeled “not intended for human consumption” and sold as herbal incense or potpourri in gas stations, smoke shops, convenience stores and online. Notwithstanding that marijuana is not considered as serious as K-2, it is easier to get arrested for possession of marijuana than possession of the above Schedule I substances. Any Austin criminal defense attorney knows how rare a charge is brought for possession of synthetic marijuana.

If you are charged with possession of marijuana, you cannot argue that at least it’s not K-2. You will still face heavy penalties, so ask for a competent marijuana possession lawyer as soon as you are formally charged.

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