Jul 25, 2014

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Dealing with Insurance Adjustors

After being involved in an accident, you may get home to a ringing phone with the other person asking about the details of the incident. The caller may be either an insurance adjuster or other representative of the other people involved in the accident. Knowing how to talk to and deal with these people is important in order to protect your personal injury or insurance claim.

The first thing to do when talking with an insurance adjuster is to stay calm and talk politely to them. According to the website of Habush Habush & Rottier S.C. ®, venting your anger and frustrations on the insurance adjuster can only compromise your insurance or injury claim, since their goodwill play a part in handling the claim or challenging or accepting the evidence in your claims. When talking with the insurance adjuster, you should get their information. This includes their name, address, the insurance company they work for, the telephone numbers, as well as the person or business that the caller represents.

While you are asking for more information about them, be wary about giving out information about you. Aside from your name, address, and phone number, only provide limited information such as the nature of your work and place of employment. Likewise, avoid providing details about the accident, aside from the important elements such as where the accident occurred, time and date, what type of accident it was, the vehicles involved and the witnesses. Any further information being asked should be answered by saying that the investigation is still ongoing and that discussions will be done when the time is fitting for discussions.

Additionally, don’t give out detailed information regarding injuries. Injuries can worsen or some may even remain undiscovered, therefore it is better not to discuss the matter. Talking with an insurance adjuster may make you feel tempted to settle, but according to a Massachusetts personal injury lawyer website, it is wiser to wait before settling a claim. You should talk with a lawyer about the accident first because a lawyer can help in determining how much your personal injury or insurance claim could be worth.

Lastly, make sure that the conversations are limited, and if the insurance adjuster suggests having a recorded statement, politely refuse. You are in no way legally obligated to provide a recorded statement, and it is illegal for an insurance adjuster to record your conversation. You can provide a written statement in the future if necessary.

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